Toxic World, Toxic People – The Essential Guide To Health, Happiness, Parenting & Conscious Living, which came out this time last year, to help people improve their lives, their health, and their family relationships.

I’m a big advocate for educating people about the dangers of what toxic chemicals are doing to us and the planet, and most especially what they are doing to our children. I’m also super passionate about how unhappy kids are these days and really want to do something about it.  Today, we have become very toxic due to an over exposure to chemicals and also due to the way we have often been parented. I’ve therefore written a lot about attachment parenting and ways of becoming closer to our children so they grow up feeling loved and secure.

Many psychologists agree, depression and anxiety are often rooted to our harmful childhood experiences.  If we then grow up feeling very stressed out, don’t feel accepted and then come into contact with bad food and an accumulation of toxic chemicals,  full blown depression and anxiety can set in due to these two very debilitating stressors.

Because of my long history with mental health issues, (which I am pleased to say, I am now totally free of!) i’ve written a lot about depression and how dangerous the psychiatric industry can be.  You will find helpful information on what you can do to improve your mood without using things that often have dangerous side effects and consequences.

What Do People Say About My Book?

I’ve been overwhelmed to receive some great press over the last year, I even had a full page article written in the UK’s The Sun paper. It is not something they would normally print, so it was really great to see them sharing my message and educating people about the dangers of heavy metals.  Three days later, an organisation which is funded by Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries released a statement about my book being full of misinformation. When I saw this come out, I knew I had touched a raw nerve and that my book was a threat to powerful industries. They simply don’t want us all knowing about how dangerous these industries and products have been to our health and planet.

Below are a few endorsements I wanted to share with you:

Toxic World Toxic People is one of the most important books you can read, especially if you care about the health of your children and grandchildren. Anna has put together a most comprehensive and easy-to-understand guide to help us all navigate safely through the overt and covert pollutants impacting us all!” ~ Robert Scott Bell, D.A. Hom., Host of The Robert Scott Bell Radio Show


“This is a bible for anyone wanting to live a healthy lifestyle, reduce toxic exposure through foods, home, environment, cosmetics, build immunity, and create a loving relationship with your children through attachment parenting. She’s a thought-leader and really walks her talk. Anna I am so proud of this book. Everyone should have a copy.” ~ Lathan Thomas, Mama Glow

“An incisive examination of the many ills which afflict the modern world, full of wise advice, helping to lay down the path to a saner, more harmonious world.” ~ Steve Taylor, best-selling author of The Fall (OBooks 2005), Waking from Sleep and Back to Sanity

“We are in the middle of taking back our food and our health. This movement is unprecedented and historical on many levels. If you know someone that isn’t in the game yet, this is the only book they will need to activate them. Thanks Anna!” ~ Jefferey Jaxen, Investigative Reporter

“Bless the pioneers, ground-breakers and the insurgents wherever we find them. I felt compelled to write a book on everything you need to know that psychologists won’t tell you about parenting and how it determines adulthood. I really wrote it for me, what I would have wanted to read – but couldn’t find, until I wrote it. This book does the same thing. I believe Anna Rodgers has written the book we all need on how to avoid toxicity in the environment, near and far. She is also the only such source I know of, that truly understands that parenting is another critical aspect of toxicity. She gets the big picture and reports on it to those of us who want to know how to be healthier and happier, if only we can trust the source. The best part for me is that I can endorse what Mrs. Rogers says about parenting, something I cannot do for most parenting books. The bonus is that I am learning thanks to Anna.” ~ Dr. Faye, aka Faye Snyder, Psy.D., forensic evaluator, parenting educator, and author of The Manual: The Definitive Book on Parenting and the Causal Theory



What Will You Find In My book To Help You And Your Family?

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