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Coffee and Konjac

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Eliminate Food Cravings

With this incredible supplement that utilises the Konjac root to form an expandable natural fibrous jelly in your tummy to make you feel fuller and experience less food cravings for sugary foods.

The effect is you experience far less hunger and food cravings enabling you to stick to your healthy eating plan with ease.

Coffee & Konjac is the market's only supplement that contains the combination of extracts from green coffee beans and three active substances approved by the EFSA * with established weight loss effect; Glucomannan, chromium and iodine. * EFSA: European Food Safety Authority.

The active substances in Coffee & Konjac are well documented in area of weight loss and control. These substances have never combined in one product before.

Extract of green coffee
The extract of green coffee included in Coffee & Konjac consists of at least 50% chlorogenic acid. Already in the 1960s it was discovered that coffee drinking reduced the blood sugar level, and that this effect is not solely attributable to the caffeine effect. Later discovered that the effect was due to chlorogenic acid, a phenol found in green (unroasted) coffee beans and other plants. The content of chlorogenic acid in coffee decreases markedly when it is roasted. Chlorogenic enzyme glucose-6-phosphatase. Since this enzyme plays an active role in the degradation of starch to sugar, so klorogensyran contributes to a significant reduction in the excretion of glucose-dependent insulinotropic peptide (GIP). The intake of chlorogenic acid thus inhibiting the body's ability to absorb glucose. Control studies have subsequently shown that the extract of green coffee included in Coffee & Konjac ™ is an effective carbohydrate blocker that reduces the absorption of glucose in the blood, and thus constitutes an effective tool for weight control.


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    Sweet tooth and hunger were my worst enemies!

    Ever since adolescence, Nina has been fighting a constant sugar cravings. Despite the regular long walks and an active life is the pounds crept on. It was only when she started eating Coffee & Konjac that trend reversed, with the weight loss results.

    Nina has always felt the frustration of having a sweet tooth. It became a habit to satisfy it with goodies and snacking. While it is important for her to stay in shape and feel good to cope with any challenge. But despite the long walks and active leisure, the pounds crept on.

    Periodically, Nina has tried different diets, but instead of losing weight, she has known hunger and suffered from a sustained cravings. Nina got the hint to try Coffee & Konjac.

    - I was skeptical and did not really believe it would work, but Coffee & Konjac gave me quickly a positive result, says Nina. Sweet tooth and hunger disappeared and now I eat smaller portions. It has resulted in that I lost weight and gained a several centimeters smaller waistlines. It is amazing nice to have regained his match weight and I feel both energized and stronger in the process. I will definitely continue with Coffee & Konjac and also recommend others to try.

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