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Curcumin 500mg With Piperine from Black Pepper Extract

Curcumin 500mg With Piperine from Black Pepper Extract

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Curcumin Is a Natural Anti-Inflammatory Compound

Inflammation is incredibly important. It helps your body fight foreign invaders and also has a role in repairing damage. Without inflammation, pathogens like bacteria could easily take over your body and kill you. Although acute, short-term inflammation is beneficial, it can become a major problem when it becomes chronic and inappropriately attacks your body's own tissues.

Curcumin is a natural dietary supplement. each tablet contains 500 mg of curcuminoids from turmeric. (Curcuma Longa L), fillers (microcrystallized cellulose, hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, silica, magnesium salts of fatty acids) pepper extract (pipe nigrum l)

Ingredients:  Turmeric (Curcuma longa L), tablet excipients (microcrystalline cellulose, hydroxide propylmethylcellulose), silica, magnesium salts of fatty acids) and pepper extract (Piper nigrum L. / Piper longum L.) Content per. daily dose: Curcuminoids from turmeric: 1000 mg, black pepper (bioperine): 10 mg.

The daily dose of 2 tablets contains:

Curcuminoids Turmeric 1000 mg
Piperine (pepper extract) 10 mg

The recommended daily dose is 2 tablets with a meal.

Contains no preservatives, yeast, starch, salt, lactose, or gluten.


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